Chief Executive

Hajj is an opportunity to absolve one self from worldly sins and revitalize faith in religion. AL-MUHAMMAD DIN is one of the leading Hajj & Umrah Tours Organizers in Pakistan since 2009. Al hamdullillah, in this tenure of our existence, we have satisfied thousands of Hajis and Zaireens who have joined us in their pilgrimage of Hajj, Umrah and Ziarat.

We have never been in race of becoming first nor need to prove our professionalism as our work itself is evident to produce results. We have never boasted for introduction of services as we understand that our hospitality and its achievements are great awards received from Hujjaj-e-Kiram. We believe that service to Hujjaj is obligatory and must because Hujjaj are Deyoofur Rehman. We deliver more than we take and we request our Hujjaj that.