Airline Tickets

In essence consolidators enable travelers to compare flight prices across a range of airlines for a particular flight route on at the same time period. This enables travelers to save time and money by comparing a range of airlines simultaneously to determine not only the most cost effective airline, but also the most convenient time to travel and airline to travel from/to where there are several options.

Customized Umrah Packages

We offer customized Umrah packages. You can customize dates, accommodation, services and more.


Every Hajj Client while selecting a tour operator require an accommodation which suites its budget, is close to Haram in Makkah & Madina and is neat & clean with all basic amenities like telephone, fridge etc. Once again we are here to help you out in this important phase of Hajj Operations. Our experience, contacts enable you to have a good accommodation at competitive prices. Accommodation in Mina is also very important and integral part of Hajj. The more closer you are to Jamarat, the happier your Hujjaj are. It increases the satisfaction level of your Hujjaj.


Transportation during the entire hajj movement (from Makkah to Arafat to Mina to Makkah) within the blessed places is arranged in air-conditioned luxury Coaches
Each Coach is equipped with its own lavatory
Each Coach is assigned with a director, plus helper servant
Juices, soft drinks, and cold water are served and readily available during the trip.

Food Catering Service:

First class meals are served all around the clock. Menus cover a wide range of custom foods. You have a special dish that long to, our chef will be happy to prepare it for you. (according to the package).

Religious & logistic Orientations:

We provide religious training to our Hujjaj before departure. 2-3 Sessions are done to thoroughly discuss the rituals, problems of the Hajj journey. A question/answer session is also done in order to clear the mis-conceptions and problems.
During Hajj Days especially 5 days of Hajj our religious scholar remained with the groups.

Ground Handling Staff in KSA:

Our Ground handling staff in Saudi Arabia is devoted to provide every possible assistance to the hujjaj. They are well mannered and can speak/understand Urdu & Arabic. They are our Strength and asset, working day & night for the benefit of Hujjaj. For Details and Costs, please contact our Head Office or send us Query.

Business Services :

Even while performing Haj, be sure that you can call home, send an urgent fax, or even ask for a secretarial assistance to type and send that memo that you completely forgot about.